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Master barber

Welcome! My name is Luis and I’m 28. I’m a very ambitious and motivated individual who is seeking to create an abundant and prosperous life. The reason I got into barbering is because I saw an opportunity in this industry to be able to pursue my dreams. I chose to start my career at Covenant House of Grooming because I saw how much of a focused and motivated man Benton is. It inspires me that he left a good business and went all in for Covenant House of Grooming, it takes a lot of faith to do so. Benton and I connected in school. We would talk about self development, which opened the door to where we are now and that’s the type of people I want to surround myself with. I enjoy people who seek growth and are always seeking to better themselves! I’m very excited to expand my knowledge of barbering while working alongside Benton and all the other barbers in the shop! My favorite things about barbering is building a connection and the conversation with each client. So I hope to have you in my chair one day and connect with you on a deeper level!