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Owner / Master Barber

My name is Benton Caster and I am the owner of Covenant House of Grooming. I started cutting hair when I was 12 years old. I have always cared for the way that I looked and presented myself. That was difficult for me growing up in a very poor family. My father was a drug Addict and alcoholic. My mother was doing her best to raise 3 children on her own. With all of these things considered I started learning to cut my own hair. I as well followed my father’s footsteps and ventured into the life of drugs and alcohol. At the age of 18 that lifestyle landed me in the Tennessee state prison system. Shortly after my release I found myself homeless sleeping on the streets of downtown Knoxville strung out on drugs like never before. Then, the Lord brought a man across my path who had something I had never experienced. It wasn’t money, property or prestige, it was true peace and confidence in who he was, and who he was created to be. That man led me to the Lord. I now have a beautiful wife, 2 amazing children, and am the proud steward over Covenant House Of Grooming.  I have always had a passion for cutting, it was something I picked up on easily and it brought me a great sense of personal satisfaction. 6 years ago, I gave my life to the Lord. After doing so, I went through a season of discovering who I truly am and what my purpose in life would be. I began to quickly realize that my heart is for serving people, and utilizing my God given talents and abilities to encourage others and to bring out the best, in all that I have been given the opportunity to meet. As I have continued to progress in life and my walk, I have come to realize that it is my purpose to take the passion and talents placed within me, merge the two and pursue my calling. That calling is to make people see themselves on the outside the way that God sees us on the inside. I want to utilize what I have been given to encourage others to pursue their God given abilities with excellence while looking their best!